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The Million Pound Drop

Channel 4’s most successful entertainment format since Big Brother spawned one of the most successful second screen games of all time.

Endemol UK
Channel 4

The Million Pound Drop for web and mobile is among the most successful second screen games ever made, with multiple awards including a BAFTA to its name.
  • Over 2.5 million iOS and Android app downloads
  • 10% payfor premium game
  • BAFTA for Digital Creativity

Their software is flexible enough to cope with the demands of a live TV show, turning stats around rapidly, which are fed straight back into the broadcast.
Jody Smith
Multiplatform Commissioning Editor, Comedy & Entertainment, Channel 4

How it worked

At the start of the show, the TV audience at home are encouraged to play along by host Davina McCall. All they have to do is hit the Channel 4 website or download the app on their iOS or Android device.

From the comfort of their sofas, the audience can experience the show as if they were a contestant, by answering questions in sync with the show. If they want to be contestants on the show itself, playing along will give them exclusive access to the application process.

Performance statistics are fed back into the show through graphics such as “Women are currently beating the men”, or “65% of people just got the last question wrong”.

During live shows, statistics are read out by the presenter. For taped shows, statistics are fed into on-screen graphics.

Where did it live?

Built using Monterosa LViS APIs, the game allowed fans to play along with the live show either online, or by downloading the app  from iTunes, Google Play or Amazon. The app also includes a premium play-anytime mode, for which additional question packs can be bought, allowing fans to continue enjoying the game “off-air”.

How did they make it pay?

The Million Pound Drop Play-Along was chosen as the flagship product to drive Channel 4’s new single sign-in service. Players created a Channel 4 Registration account, with optional social linking, and through this we drove more registrations than the whole of Channel 4’s online Paralympics campaign.

To date, the app has over 2.5 million downloads. While the play-along version is free, revenue has been generated through fans paying to “unlock” the play-anytime mode of the game, and buying extra question packs for a range of categories.

What was the context?

Due to our rich TV experience, robust and scalable platform, Monterosa were chosen by Endemol and Channel 4 to help concept the game and its integration into the TV show.

We then built a series of second screen game products on multiple platforms, and continuously provided rock solid infrastructure and TV production support.

Right from the start, The Million Pound Drop format was developed as a second screen experience, with the pacing, presenter calls to action, online player shout-outs and user stats placed right at the heart of the broadcast proposition.

Built using...
  • iOS & Android native apps
    Integration with Channel 4‘s Janrain Identity Management
    High volume, redundant Monterosa cloud infrastructure
    Sensitive Data Encryption
    Apps built using Monterosa LViS APIs
    Web (Flash)

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